5 tips how to start a healthy day?

Human body is a massive complex structure made up of billions of tissues and components. Every part of a human body is necessary and for that they need to preserve their energy for a sustainable living. Sleep is an integral part; a person needs to have a sound sleep for his brain to stay active. Morning is the best part of the day, you get up from a long pause where you’re almost dead.

Morning gives you the start of a day which you eventually decide according to your choice whether to make it good or bad. If you wake up from a bad sleep or mood, you tend to have a bad day all throughout. Mornings should always act as a reminder, a chance to make things better in your life. Whether you’re going to school , work ,or outing, one should always make sure that it begins with positivity. A healthy lifestyle is a key to a lot of good things in life. The need for a healthy life is the foremost need of the hour. After indulging ourselves in decades of sedentary activities, ill manners of carrying the body, improper eating habits, we have made our body accumulate all the worse conditions each time, before anything better. It’s never too late to mend so you can always make a decision to work out your inner ignition and have a perfect life.

Morning is generally the start of the day and you need to get up early as it paves time to adjust all your busy schedules ,yet parting time for yourself. There are a lot of things you can do to start a healthy day. They are as follows:

Start the day with a glass of water

Water is the best liquid that is available in the nature and the best thing is it’s the most ample natural resource. One should always drink a glass or two of water daily after waking up. There are a lot of benefits that we derive from it.

The main advantages of drinking water are:

  • Water helps in weight reduction. It doesn’t have any magic potions to melt fat or eliminate it, rather it helps in making us hydrated thus a person feels full to overeat.
  • Water helps in flushing out toxins from our body and helps in providing energy to a person even when he or she is in empty stomach. It cleanses the colon.
  • Water helps in getting glowing skin throughout the day. It regulates the body temperature and when we sweat, our skin glows.

Exercise to start healthy day

It is advised daily to exercise for smooth working of your body. Exercise such as cardio, walking, jogging or yoga are helpful. You should at least give an hour every morning for working out. Working out empty stomach elevates your morning routine and burn extra body fat.

The main merits of working out are:

  • Challenging walking exercises can act as cardiovascular exercise and is good for the functioning of our heart.
  • Walking, jogging tones your body and legs.
  • Exercise improves the muscle strength and builds up stamina.
  • Sprints can lose up to 200 calories and can uplift your mood.
  • It stimulates the metabolic rate of the body.
  • It helps us to sweat and release toxins from the body.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the main of your day. It is always the best to have something healthy and heavy for breakfast. The best time to have breakfast is within 30 minutes after waking up. You can have almonds, soaked overnight. It keeps you active and gives you a glowing skin.  You can go with fruit smoothie. You can add fruits like fresh figs, kiwi, strawberries, bananas, blend it with the help of almond milk and Chia seeds. They are the most ideal ingredients to make you feel full and healthy all through the day. It is beneficial for the weight loss as well. Eating plenty of fruits. Eating whole wheat bread, eggs, milk and oats are beneficial too.

Why we should not skip meals

Inorder to have a perfect balanced life, one should concentrate on all the essential phenomena undergoing each second. If you try to keep your breakfast healthy and ignore all other meals of the day, then you are not running in for a healthy life. Balanced diet should be maintained through out the day for the proper functioning of body and mind. It includes having a healthy wholesome lunch including brown rice, chapati, a lot of green vegetables, grains, etc. It is advised to take five to six small meals in a day for the perfect fitness and health. Having black or green coffee accompanied with some sprouts can be an ideal mid day snack. A glass full of fruit juice or wheatgrass juice can be an ideal evening snack. Dinner should be the mildest. You can have a platter full of veg or grilled chicken salad. Eating mild dinner helps in maintaining weight and makes you feel light while sleeping.

Always indulge yourself in positivity

You can be a multimillionaire but if you are unable to control your inner demons,you can never lead a peaceful life. In order to have a balanced life,you need to have the skills for time management. You need to effectively decide your schedules considering yourself as a priority too. You need to spare some hours in the evening to for workouts, yoga ,walk. A regular working out in gym is also essential as you’re prone to many instruments which help you to maintain your weight and tones your body. Working out with dumbbells, barbells, High intensity workouts, crossfit, can make you strong both physically and mentally.

Doing is also necessary,stretching does wonders to your body and helps in releasing in any muscular tensions. Bare some time for your mental stimulation as well by doing meditations, spending time with friends and family, indulging in spiritual conversations, an intellectual communication. Mostly have faith in everything you do and hope for your betterment.

The journey to a perfect life is hard though but it’s the best utilization of your powers of being a living thing. A perfect day is the amalgamation of all the positive energies around which comprise of the daily activities that our body undergoes. If we maintain a perfect balance among all the happenings of our life, we tend to live a perfect balanced life.