Why You Shouldn’t Stand and Drink Water

More than two thirds of the weight of the human body is made up of water. It plays an essential role in keeping the body hydrated, enabling waste to move out of the body and also helps improve blood circulation. It maintains spinal and cognitive health. Every day, our body loses significant amount of water and it is therefore imperative that water must be consumed in such a manner that our body is able to absorb every ounce of it. We often don’t think twice before quenching our thirst, all that matters is the temperature of the water. We pay no heed to the time when the elders in our family constantly remind us to avoid drinking water while standing. Ever wondered why must our posture come into play?

Effects Of Drinking Water While Standing

Water has some nutrients which is distributed in our body by several organs before entering to the stomach. There are some filters too which filters the impurities of water before it does mix in blood or enter to the bladder. All these filters get a contract when you are in a standing position and open properly in a sitting position. Therefore when you intake water in a standing position it goes directly to the stomach in a force. As a result,it causes some terrible diseases:

1. Colic pain is caused when you stand and drink water

When water directly enters the stomach in a force,it do mix with the acids present in the stomach without filtration and hit against the cardiac sphincter which gives you an acidic sensation. Due to the ingestion of water, stomach muscles get spasmed too. As a result it causes COLIC pain in the cavities of the stomach and stomach pain too.

2. Sit and drink water to get rid of arthritis

A person in standing position sometimes became unable to maintain a steady and safe position to drink water slowly.As a result it disturbs the balance of other body fluids and cause deficiency of required fluid in your joints known as Arthritis.This may be a cause if incurable joint pain if you will continue this wrong position of water intake.

3. Your nerve gets tensed if you stand and drink water

In a standing position, the sympathetic system of your body get activated. For what the system constantly works to retain all the muscles and to maintain the body balance. So when you take water in this position it creates tension in the nerves of your body. As a result you will feel nervous without any cause.Your anxiety level will be increased.

4. Kidney damages are likely caused by standing and drinking

When you intake water in a standing position, water pass through kidneys without proper filtration. The impurities present in water get gather in bladder and get mix with blood which cause the damage of kidneys. If it continues, kidneys became failure to filter waste products from blood and get damaged. If unrecognized or untreated, the kidney failure may develop into life-threatening circumstances.

5. Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease is caused by standing and drinking water

When you intake water in a standing position, it directly hits the lower part of the esophagus strongly and leads to a dilation and relaxation of the sphincter that connects the esophagus and stomach. This finally leads to a medical condition known as “GERD”: GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease. It is a digestive disorder which may lead to serious medical treatment.

6. You feel more thirsty while standing and drinking

Your stomach has a volume of water intake upto one and half litre . So In a standing position, it is not easy and comfortable to take more or adequate water which your body needs as it doesn’t set in liver to distribute to several parts and to the cavities of the stomach. Therefore you will feel thirsty quickly and the quench if thirst will not fulfil too.

What Ayurveda has to say about standing while drinking water?

  1. Practitioner’s of Ayurveda often propagate a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. They more often than not aim to cure one of ones problems in a holistic manner and that is where the posture comes into effect. When you stand and drink water, your nerves are in a state of tension. This then activates the sympathetic system, or the fight system. Your body is under the impression of fighting against danger. According to Dr Dhanvantree, Ayurvedic expert, he suggests that the notion of standing up and drinking water is closely related to the speed at which water is drunk. The two are interrelated and the speed of drinking the water is extremely essential.2. It is often said that standing up and drinking water accelerates the speed of drinking that water, according to Dr Dhanvantree and this is when problems like arthritis and joint damage comes into play. According to him, the Rig Vedas do mention postures, however, it is ambiguous. In the science of Ayurveda, “this particular clause is not explicitly mentioned. It is more to do with the fact that any food item must be eaten slowly. Eating slowly facilitates the digestion process and the same is true for water.”

Impact of standing and drinking water

Water must be taken like air, slowly and steadily. Drinking at a fast rate may lead to lack of oxygen in the wind and food pipe, this could potentially give rise to heart problems and lung issues.”

Dr. Dhanvantree also goes on to say that “air goes inside the esophagus and creates pressure when water is drunk rapidly. It will lead to bone and joint degeneration, joint weakness and joint pain.” Thus, while it may seem like a mere myth, there are consequences that effect the health negatively when water is had while standing. The same consequences may recur while sitting and having water at a fast rate. Therefore, what is to be kept in mind is the speed at which water gushes down in the stomach. Since the speed is faster while standing, we are warned against it. While you may chose to believe this notion or not, followers of this practice would say that it is always good to stick to nature and avoid disharmony. It might just take a few extra minutes, and if nothing else, you would enjoy your glass of water better.

The correct way of drinking water

Ayurveda: The Right Way To Drink Water

1. It is better to drink water while sitting than while standing.

2. You should drink it slowly and avoid gulping down large volumes of water in a single breath.

3. Tepid water is best to drink and it is advised to avoid drinking ice cold water.

4. It is best to drink when you are feeling thirsty. When you listen to thirst cues and sip water throughout the day you’ll be drinking the right amount.

5. You should stop drinking water after you feel satiated as it is a signal from your body to stop drinking.

. The color of your urine may indicate whether you are sufficiently hydrated or not. The color of your urine should be fairly clear and straw colored. Dark yellow urine may indicate a sign of dehydration.

7. Dry chapped lips may also indicate the lack of sufficient water being supplied to your body.

8. Normally the minimum gap between food and water should be between 1.5 to 2.5 hrs. Though it may vary according to different geographic locations, as the body’s ability to digest food depends on external factors like the outside temperature.

Though very contradictory, but the right time to drink water while taking food is to drink just the required amount of water, along with your food rather than drinking water before or after food.

10. If really thirsty, one can have fresh fruit juice after morning meal, buttermilk after lunchand milk after dinner. Though these also contain mostly water, the properties are completely different and are good for our digestive system.

11. Ushapan is a famous Ayurvedic practice of drinking water in the morning.  A regular ushapaan helps in keeping the body healthy. It also helps to get rid of many diseases and disorders like headaches, blood pressure, anemia, obesity, arthritis etc.