Miracle drink to shred belly fat overnight

Belly fat is one of the most difficult problem faced by the mass nowadays.There is hardly any person now in this era, who doesn’t aspire to have an appealing body. An attractive body is not just an exemplification of physical charisma but it’s actually an instance through which the individual is able to maintain a healthy and fit life. If you measure the ratio of the people who just want to stay fit to that of who actually make efforts to reach their goals, you’ll find the former is way more than the later. These days’ people are too busy in earning a livelihood that they ignore their body the most. When they are questioned for such negligence, the reply that comes promptly is all about the demerits of modern ways of living. They blame the deprivation of time for it.

What is belly fat?

In this article, we will learn how essential steps can be taken to benefit as well as ease the pressure of time in case of people who are looking forward for a healthy lifestyle.As we keep ourselves busy always, we tend to eat too much, eat bad, or not eat at all. Our belly is one of the regions in our anatomy, which cause a lot of discomfort. Stubborn belly fat is the soft layers of fat around the waistline that covers your abs.

Kinds of fat

Precisely, there are three kinds of fat accumulated in human body. They are as follows:

  • Triglycerides– the fat which circulates in your blood
  • Subcutaneous Fat– The layer of fat directly below the skin’s surface. This is the fat you can grab with your hands.
  • Visceral Fat– The dangerous fat. This is located beneath the muscles in your stomach. Too much of visceral fat in the belly region is very dangerous.

Diseases Caused By Visceral Fat

  • There are many health related issues associated with the increase of visceral fat such as:
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sleep disorders

 Causes of stubborn belly fat

1.Presence Of “Cortisol” Hormone

The reason behind belly fat being the most stubborn area to target on for fat loss is because it is affected by hormones. Exercising and eating healthy are not just enough if you have a particular hormone secretion called “cortisol”. Cortisol is the stress hormone. It’s an important hormone that’s essential for human survival.

Working of cortisol hormone:

It works when your body experience any type of stress (whether mental or physical) your body secretes cortisol, which then initiates a downpour of other physiological responses necessary for your body to keep functioning. Cortisol turns “off” many of the normal physiological mechanisms and turns “on” many temporary physiological mechanisms. In a normal situation, cortisol production only lasts for a short period of time and afterwards, all metabolic functions go back to normal.

How does it affect our weight?:

But this is where things can go wrong, because in many cases these stresses that cause your body to secrete cortisol occur way too often and stay “on” for way too long. When your body experiences constant stress, it continuously secretes cortisol and that’s when cortisol becomes counterproductive to your body.  And depending on how long and how much cortisol you have circulating in your body, it can seriously compromise your health and alter your metabolic process causing you to gain stubborn unrelenting belly fat! So, if you tend to gain belly fat easily and have a difficult time getting rid of it, there’s a strong likelihood that you’re producing too much cortisol.

2. Your Diet

If you have a very disturbed diet. If you prefer processed food over healthy diet then you are at the higher risk of being obese. Belly area is at higher risk. If you want a flat stomach, stick with a diet with no more than 43 percent calories from carbohydrates (and about 39 percent calories from fat and 18 percent protein), as this may help you lose deep belly fat and total body fat.

3. Wrong workouts

If you are working out wrong or not working out at all. High-intensity exercise training is more effective for reducing total abdominal fat, subcutaneous abdominal fat, and abdominal visceral fat (the most dangerous kind) compared to lower intensity workouts.

The Miracle Drink

Now that we are aware of all the causes related to belly fat, we need to focus more on the ways in which we can shred it. Shredding belly fat is very difficult but I have a miraculous way in which you don’t have to worry a lot about losing weight and you can have your flat stomach dream come true with these really easy steps. The first step to weight loss starts with the dedication of maintaining the consistency towards the working of your body. You need to follow the ways in which you can lose belly fat each day. Thus,you can achieve great results through this drink. It is very easy to prepare and drink.


All you need are two ingredients for preparing the miracle drink. This drink is called miracle because it is a magical way and it has a lot of other health benefits other than weight loss. The ingredients to prepare the drink are:

  • 2 teaspoon Organic honey
  • 4-5 Cinnamon stick
  • 1 cup filtered water

Health benefit of the drink

  • Honey is naturally sweet but it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or processed white sugar. It has fructose, glucose, sucrose, carbohydrates, water, etc. so, the combination of such natural ingredients actually help to lower blood sugar levels.It strengthens the immunity system of the body.
  • Prevents inflammatory diseases and gastro-intestinal disorders.
  • Organic honey is rich in antioxidants. Hence, it helps in curing blood pressure.
  • Honey helps in decreasing cholesterol
  • Cinnamon has medicinal and soothing properties
  • Cinnamon can have a moderate effect in improving glycemic control and management of type 2 diabetes.
  • It is believed that the warmth of cinnamon increases blood flow and improves blood oxygen levels to help fight illness.
  • Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and cures cancer.


  1. You just need to powder the cinnamon sticks.
  2. Now you need to pour some boiling water in the cinnamon powder.
  3. You need to cover the cup for around 15 minutes and let it cool down.
  4. After cooling it down, add 2 teaspoon of honey in it.

Note: It’s always necessary to add honey to the cooled liquid as hot liquid may destroy the enzymes in honey.


You can drink it 2 times in a day. ½ cup in the morning after waking up in an empty stomach. The remaining half in the evening, to see wonders.

This miracle drink eliminates fat each night as you are in your sleep giving you the perfect shape that you have ever desired for. You just need to have a healthy lifestyle along with this drink. Moderate exercises like walking, jogging, cardio, etc. are really needed with this drink to boost your metabolism fast.