How to choose right under garments?

It is very necessary for a woman to choose the innerwear carefully. Wearing right kind of innerwear makes you feel comfortable and helps to carry yourself with an ease. Choosing right innerwear is very important especially for women. Today, there are many models, colors and designs to choose from. But you need to know your right size and select the perfect fitting innerwear. This is extremely important for your health because too tight or too loose fitted inner wear will result in further problems. However, it is very difficult to judge the right size for many women and so you can go through the tips that will help you choose the perfect and most appropriate innerwear for yourself.

Undergarments are clothes that are worn next to the skin and hence in a way are closest to our body. They keep our body protected from the harsh outer wear and also protect outer garments from being soiled by bodily secretions and discharges. Due to all these reasons, innerwear must be of the best quality possible as they are the ones that remain in direct contact with the body for the maximum time. Ideally, one must actually buy the best material to be worn as innerwear but we hardly think about it this way.

How to choose the right kind of innerwear?

1. Selecting the correct size of the innerwear

Select the right size. You might need to try to see whether it is a perfect fit or not. Choose your underwear, especially bra, that is neither too tight nor loose. You should feel comfortable after wearing them.  Misfit lingerie can also cause skin allergies caused by tight elastics rubbing over the sensitive skin.

2. Choosing right color for the innerwear

Always choose light colored undergarments so that they do not look odd through the outfits you wear. Choose dark colored innerwear only when your outfit is of dark colour. Once you are dressed up, stand in front of the mirror and make sure that the innerwear is not at all visible from any side.

3. Select the style of innerwear you want to have

Before buying the bra, make sure you know exactly what style you want to buy. If your size is small, you can go for balcony or half cup bras especially when you want to enhance your cleavage through your outfit. Choose a full cup bra if your size is larger as it will help you provide the right support. Try the bras first if you are changing your style or your breast size has increased.

4. Brand Loyalty is important while choosing innerwear

Do not change your brand often. It is good to choose the brand that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. You should always go with the quality of the shoulder straps is and they must fit on your shoulders perfectly.

5. Fabric of the innerwear

Look for quality fabrics. Fabric can be a big cause of discomfort when wearing underwear, especially if it is scratchy, sweat-inducing, doesn’t breathe, and feels awful. Feel the material for smoothness, softness and comfort. If it feels too thin or too thick, keep looking. Thick fabrics can bunch up and look unsightly or feel scratchy. Cotton is always a favorite because it breathes well and is very easy to care for. Organic cotton and organic bamboo are the hallmark of Inner Sense that promises an allergy-free inner wear experience every day. Indian by design and International by standard, the stylish range and super-soft Inner Sense lingerie feel good next to your skin.

How to take care of your innerwear

Good care for underwear is essential for its prolonged use and ensuring that you get the most comfort from it. For example, poorly washed bras can cause the underwires to poke through and hurt you while wearing. Here are some ideas to help you get started on good underwear maintenance:

Store underwear as follows:

  • Folded and stacked neatly in draws with like-styles stacked together.
  • For ease of access, bras, underpants, and socks should be stored separately from one another.
  • Bras can be stored hanging from notched hangers.
  • Never spray scent on your underwear, as it could cause great discomfort. If your underwear smells musty after having them stored for a long period of time, rewash them.
  • Replace underwear regularly. It is not a good idea to hold onto your underwear well beyond its useful life. As the underwear sags and loses its shape, dispose of it and replenish your supply.

What kind of panties are healthy for women?

Generally, wearing panties is better for you than not wearing panties. If you don’t wear underwear, it can leave you exposed to infections, especially when you’re on your period. When you are wearing a tampon, you’re especially susceptible to allowing bacteria in.

1. Cotton panties are the most hygienic

For regular, everyday use, nothing beats a pair of cotton panties. The soft, comfortable material is good for your health and hygiene. It is because of its breath-ability, light weight and soft texture, cotton is ideal for regular use and even relatively stationary exercise, like lifting or doing yoga. The only time when another material may be better is when you engage in heavier exercise like running, which makes you sweat. Cotton soaks up sweat, which makes it heavy and can give you a rash. Moisture-wicking materials made from polyester or nylon draw sweat away from the body, keeping you cooler and more comfortable while staving off rashes.

2. Avoid the usage of dangerous panties

Some panties aren’t necessarily healthy for you to wear, especially in certain situations. One of the most notable culprits is the thong, which eliminates visible panty lines but can cause health problems. Because of their unique shape, thongs make it easy for bacteria to travel from your anus to your vagina, which can lead to conditions like a urinary tract infection. You can still wear them, of course, but certain times-like when you’re exercising or on an especially sweaty day – the risk of complications is higher.

3. Consider the situation

The key to choosing healthy panties is to consider the situation and make a choice that feels right. For example, when you’re exercising, the healthiest panty is made from a moisture-wicking material and gives you full coverage. If you’re just out and about, cotton is arguably the best material. Sometimes, the healthiest pair of panties is none at all – sleeping without any panties prevents moisture from building up overnight, which can cause a rash or even a yeast infection.

Some underwear rules that women need to know

  • You should always use a skin friendly detergent as your skin is sensitive and it can cause rashes.
  • One should change the underwear frequently so as to avoid infections
  • You need to always have an eye on the nature of your discharge and stains. Accordingly visit the gynecologist for any such inconvenience.

So, Ladies now you have an idea about the right kind of lingerie for you. This will make you safe and free from fungal infections.