10 surprising benefits of waking up at 4 am everyday

They say the early bird gets the worm — and there may be some truth to it. After all, successful people tend to wake up early. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his mornings at 3:45 a.m. to get a head start on email, and Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck wakes up at 4 a.m. for creative thinking time. It’s arguably the most productive time of the day, according to The Wall Street Journal, because it allows you to tackle tasks before distractions arise. We all know waking up in the morning is hard no matter what time it is. But, you’ll be surprised to find that when you wake up earlier, you’re doing the best thing for both your mind and body. Of course, it will take time to get used to a schedule change, but once you get in the habit, you’ll start seeing shocking benefits.

10 surprising benefits of waking up at 4 am

1. 4 am is the most productive hour of the day

All of us wish we had a little bit more time in the day to accomplish what we want. So we keep putting off the things we want most until tomorrow. When you wake up earlier, you’ll have extra time in the morning to accomplish those things. Instead of waiting to finish projects when you get home from work or school, you can focus your morning energy into working on and finally finishing your projects.

Increased productivity, because while the rest of the world is asleep, you’re up and you can get into whatever work you need to get done in the morning. Because it’s so quiet and you’re by yourself, there are no distractions, so you can really concentrate on your work and just really get it done in much less time than if you’re surrounded by family members or colleagues or anybody else.

2. Waking up at 4 am, improves peace of mind

First and foremost, when you wake up early in the morning, you get a peace of mind. There are no kids yelling, no cars, no noises; just you and your own thoughts. There is many benefits of having a peace of mind early in the morning. First of all, it sets your day in the right set of mind, because it is very stressful to just wake up and just jump into your routine, into your work. When you wake up and you take your time and it’s quiet and it’s sincere and it’s just nice and quiet, your day is going to be much better than if you just wake up, jump out of bed, and go straight into your work and to your daily routine.

3. You will be motivated to go to the gym (and spend more time there)

If you’re in need of exercise but lack the time to actually get yourself to the gym, waking up early will give you the motivation and the time you need to get your heart pumping. Not only will you feel refreshed after a good workout, but you’ll be able to make the most of your workout by spending more time at the gym.

4. 4 am is the most positive start of the day

The fourth benefit of waking up early is it gets you a great start for the day, because when you wake up early, you actually create more time to do something good, something positive in the morning. Meditation, exercise, yoga, or have a good healthy breakfast, which gives you a great start for the day in a very positive and productive way. Compare doing some positive, pleasurable activity early in the morning to waking up and just jumping right into your work. One is going to create a very positive, very relaxed, and very productive start of your day, full of positive thoughts and full of energy, and the other one is just going to stress you out, and you probably know from experience, if you start your day in a stressed-out manner, chances are, your entire day is going to be stressed.

If you wake up in the morning, you’re going to get a peace of mind, and you have the chance and the opportunity to do something that charges you not only with energy, but also with the right set of mind. You recharge your mental batteries and you get pumped up full of energy by doing whatever relaxes you or whatever gives you energy, be it meditation, exercise, yoga, reading, or just taking a walk outside. Whatever it might be, it’s going to be a much greater start for your day to just do that in the morning than to wake up and jump right into doing work or dealing with your family or with anybody else.

5. You will get extra hours of work if you wake at 4 am

Whether you’re single, married or a stay at home mom, you have a job to do. Waking up earlier allows you the for you to accomplish what you need to before the day begins. More than that, you’ll be able to stroll into work a few hours earlier, put in extra hours of work to add to your paycheck, and even clock out early for the day.

6. You won’t have to sacrifice your sleep (you’ll actually get more)

Waking up earlier means you’ll have to adjust your schedule. Depending on how much sleep you need during the night, you may need to go to sleep earlier in order to wake up earlier. But studies have proven it is healthy for both your mind and body to wake up early. In fact, by going to bed early and waking up early, you’ll get a better night’s rest and not wake up in the morning feeling tired.

7. Your body will physically improve

Between going to the gym and having more time in the morning for your body to wake up, you will see drastic changes in your body’s physical condition. You’ll end up healthier than you’ve ever been before.

8. The snooze button will finally die if you wake up at 4 am

The key to waking up early in the morning lies with the death of the snooze button. You can set up alarms on your phone now so you aren’t allowed to press snooze. That way it’s up to you to actually wake up or suffer the consequences of going back to sleep. Without the snooze button, you’ll be more likely to wake up and formulate a habit of waking early, and in that habit, you won’t need a snooze button.

9. You’ll actually get to eat a proper breakfast

When was the last time you sat down to eat a healthy breakfast? It’s the most important meal of the day and rather than skip it, you’ll actually get to fill your stomach with something healthier than the snacks in the break room at work.

everybody’s busy, and you probably lack time and probably you get so rushed in the morning that oftentimes, you forget to have breakfast, or you have just 10 minutes and you go for a very sugary cereal or some frozen thing or something unhealthy. Waking up early in the morning gives you enough time to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal, not only for you, but for your spouse or significant other, or if you have kids, for your entire family.

An essential part to your productivity is having a good, healthy breakfast, be it fruits or some meat or eggs or even a sandwich; everything is going to be better than just jumping into some frozen thing or some sugary cereal or even the so-called healthy yogurts. If you wake up early, you’re going to have enough time for a good, nutritious, healthy breakfast that’s going to give you enough energy to start your day the right way.

10. Peak will power

Another major benefit of waking up early is that you’re going to have your willpower at its peak, because willpower is a limited resource that gets renewed every day, and it’s highest usually in the morning. After you’ve had a very good night’s sleep and you’re physically energized, but also because you woke up early while the rest of the world is still asleep, you didn’t have to deal with any problems, you didn’t have to deal with any people, and you didn’t have to use your willpower with anybody else but for yourself. So having that willpower and having that time frame in the morning between when you woke up and between when the rest of the world wakes up, you can use it to your advantage. You can use it to break bad habits such as smoking or unhealthy eating, and really use it for creating good, healthy habits, or making tough decisions. Because the more willpower you have, the easier it is to break a habit, create a new one, or make a tough decision.

The last major benefit of waking up early is it makes your commute much easier, because let’s face it: if you wake up early, you have a bigger chance of going to work early and avoiding the peak hour traffic where everybody’s going to be stuck commuting, everybody’s going to be stuck in their car wasting time, while you’ll be at the office or wherever you need to go, and you’re already working and achieving your goals while the rest of the world is stuck in some nonsense traffic, just wasting time.

The major takeaway is start waking up early. Here’s how to do it. By waking up early, I don’t mean you have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning or something that doesn’t make sense to you, but wake up 15 minutes earlier than what you used to. If you wake up at 7 usually, wake up at 6:45 and see how much those 15 minutes are going to make a difference. And trust me, once you take those 15 minutes and you’re by yourself and you’re focused on your work or your exercising, you’re going to be hooked, and then the next day you’re going to wake up 30 minutes earlier or 1 hour earlier, and you’ll be hooked on the principle.

How to make waking up at 4 am practice possible?

1. If you want to change something in your life, it’s always better if you have support along the way. It will be this support that keeps you on track when you’re about to give up. People will ask you how it’s going, whether they agree or not. And in your head, you should not give up and show weakness. You should not think of disappointing anyone because this isn’t such an important thing, but if you could inspire at least one person in the end, the very reason should keep you going.

2.  People don’t wake up earlier because they think they have to sleep less. You should know very well what your body demands and as you change the time when you wake up, it is obvious to alter the sleeping time too. I changed the time I go to bed too. So when it’s 9:30 or 10 p.m., it’s time to go to bed. To my surprise, the majority of the people that asked me the time I sleep, sleep less than me. And me? In fact, I’m sleeping even more now than bef People always say that doing something like this is impossible for them. Yes, there are a few situations that can make it harder. But I also believe that many people just don’t want to go the extra mile to improve their lives. Society in general is lazy and many people go with the flow. Yes, I have some conditions that helped me do this: I’m single with no children and I have complete control over my daily routine. But I have most of these things because I created this situation. When I lived with my parents, this would have been way more difficult because I had the context of the family environment. So, I started this challenge when I knew I’d extinguished many of the struggles along the way. Think of everything that’s getting you down and preventing you from reaching that goal you’ve wanted but have never achieved. This is applicable to stopping smoking, going to the gym or eating more fruits and vegetables. Getting rid of your obstacles makes it easier to achieve your final goal. In my case, I knew that I’d need several things: total independence in my life, i.e., over my working hours or dinnertime; the ability to go to bed anytime I want and to not be interrupted during my sleep; and the ability of working anywhere and anytime I want. I have all of this. I usually work in startups, which means that I have huge flexibility in my time and that’s why I can be working at 4:30 a.m. This flexibility also allows me to come back home earlier. In addition, no one depends on me and I’m not dependent on anyone. And despite living with 7 other people in a shared house, I reach sleep easily at such an early hour.